Manér & Art Comes First

Manér and Art Comes First are two different brands with distinct philosophies, yet both of them have similar aims and targets somehow.
Art Comes First is an arts collective which houses nine distinctive enterprises and focuses on working alongside talented and independent creatives, charitable organizations, business networking events and consultancy.
Manér on the other hand wants to contribute to a change in the way we look at consumption around clothing, focusing on circularity, sustainability and local production.
Since both of the brands mix their own character and message so well, with this project we wanted to somehow fuse those ideas even more and give space to originality, individualism and self's identity, which can be expressed not only through one's own quirkiness and personality, but first of all through one's own style.

Model: Mohamed Mire & Liban

Championing art in their creative expression above all first, they lead a movement of tailored and classic style-driven garments for gentlemen and gentlewomen.

Sartor, Alchemy and Progression.