The slippers that are a symbol of la dolce vita across the whole world.
These traditional Venetian slipper were born in the 19th Century north of Veneto, in Friuli, where, during a period of post-war necessity, Italian families began to stitch together sumptuous velvet curtains from closed theatres and flattened bicycle tyres to make new shoes with genius and flair.
Though resourceful, the slippers were beautiful works of craftsmanship, stitched passionately by the region’s women with precision, skill and purpose to put shoes on the feet of their neighbours and loved ones.
Now, these timeless pieces, continue to be Piedaterre’s ode to the ingenious Italian spirit that forever finds beauty wherever it looks.

Model: Giacomo Gandola

MOOD: Roaming nomad.

We wanted to maintain the brand's identity but still felt the need to create images that resonated with our own vision, and at the same time interested you in this peculiar and exquisite slippers.